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Reception | 与小玻同行,随UKidSchool看世界

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Spot The Dog

01 话题介绍


Come and join us as Spot The Dog takes reception children by the hand and we learn through a tremendously British pastime. Spot is a house hold name in Britain, first making an appearance in 1980 and he is still a well-loved character to this day. He goes on lots of adventures and always has something fun and educating to do. 

孩子们总是对这个角色感到很亲切,因为在他们对新的事物或者环境感到害怕的时候,小玻给予了他们很大的鼓励。例如,小玻在学校/托儿所的第一天, 还有他去商店的时候。孩子们的学习将以生活的这些基本部分为基础,我们将帮助他们自信的成长,并有能力用英语谈论自己的生活。孩子们将能够与小玻生活的所有部分联系起来,并在小玻的陪伴下发展他们的情感和学术智力。

Young students always feel at ease with this character as he helps them with situations that often feel new and scary, for example, Spots first day at school/ nursery or Spot goes to the shops. Your child’s learning will be based on these fundamental parts of life and we will help them to grow up with confidence and the ability to talk about them in English. Children will be able to relate to all parts of Spot’s life and learn to develop their emotional and academic intelligence together.


Students will continue to be encouraged to talk to teachers, peers and parents to widen their knowledge of the English language and practice this inside and outside the classroom. We have a wide variety of activities for the children to see and do in order to stretch their creativity, imagination, critical thinking and morality. It will be amazing what your child can discover throughout this journey with a little yellow dog. 

02 人物介绍


小玻是一只可爱的小黄狗,它的身体两侧各有一个斑点。他和家人生活在一起, 在他成长过程中经历了很多次冒险。他的妈妈、爸爸和朋友经常帮助他培养批判性思维和决策的能力。小玻是一只快乐的小狗, 它总是面带微笑, 并且他很喜欢学习。

Spot is a little yellow puppy with a spot on the either side of his body. He lives with his family and goes on many adventures as he grows up. His mum, dad and friends are often helping him develop his ability to think critically and make decisions. Spot is a happy dog who is always smiling and enjoys learning.




Sally and Sam are Spot’s mum and dad. They are often finding Spot in new situations and help him to make good choices. They look after Spot and teach him valuable life lessons. 



Susie is Spot’s little sister who is also a puppy.  Just like any other puppy Susie loves to sleep and is often found playing or getting up to mischief.



Helen is Spot’s best friend. She is a blue Hippo and often turns up to help Spot.

史蒂夫是一只棕色的猴子, 他很有趣, 并且总是给人带来惊喜, 他是小玻的朋友。

Steve is a brown monkey who is playful and full of surprises, he is Spot’s friend.

汤姆是一只绿色的鳄鱼, 他也是小玻的朋友。他喜欢钓鱼和打鼓, 他的爸爸是镇长。

Tom is a green crocodile and he is also Spot’s friend. He loves to go fishing and play the drums and his dad is the mayor of the town.



小玻的冒险之旅是带领孩子们进入英语世界的一个重要工具。作为典型的英国系列书籍、故事和传统, 孩子们可以通过小玻这个可关联的角色来看世界。

Spot’s adventures are an undeniably important tool to engage your child into the world of English language. As a typical British series of books, stories and traditions, Spot will allow your child to see the world through a relatable character.

小玻将带领孩子们去面对不同的新环境,并且和孩子们分享它的感受,比如:上学第一天的情形,去消防站和超市的教育之旅等。孩子们在这个话题中所接触到的特定的英语是在日常生活中广泛使用的, 通过学习让孩子们从小就能用英文进行交流。这些角色可以让孩子们学会批判性思考,学会对违反道德的事情做出合理的反应。我们创建了一门课程,它通过一系列的活动以及学科知识,吸引和影响不同级别各种类型的学习者。

Spot will share many feelings and new situations with your child, such as, his first day at school and an educational trip to the fire station and supermarket. The specific English language your children will be exposed to during this topic is invaluable in everyday life and will allow conversations to flow from a young age.

04 该话题中,我们每个学科都学习什么?

在小玻的第一节英语课中,我们将以原著为基础,原著中介绍了小玻的妈妈萨利在房子周围四处寻找小玻的故事, 通过这一过程逐个介绍故事中的其他角色。

In Spot’s first English lesson we will be focusing on the original book where Spot’s mother, Sally, looks for Spot around the house and we will be introduced to the characters as she goes looking.


In history we will develop your child’s understanding of the passing of time. Last time we looked at the life cycle of a butterfly and now we will develop their knowledge of baby and adult, relating to cats, dogs and humans. 

在表演课中,学生们会学习到两支舞蹈,其中一支是著名的“Splish Splash”,我们还会引导孩子通过舞蹈的形式了解洗澡的步骤。

In performing arts students will learn two dances, one is a famous song ‘Splish Splash’ and we will learn all about the routine of bath time. 


Students will be able to develop their ability to go to a shop, both in England and China, with confidence with our ‘Spot Goes To The Shops’ maths lessons.


In Art we will explore the British tradition of going to the park for a picnic, we will use the items we bought in the shops during maths to make our picnic. Students will then have four lessons where they explore different ways to make Spot using natural materials and search for different shades of colours. 


PSHE will develop children’s understanding of people who help us in Britain as we visit a fire station and we learn how to keep ourselves safe. 


Spot goes on holiday in geography and we take children on a plane adventure where we discover how it flies up and down.


Lastly in science children will arrive on holiday at a sunny beach where we discover all the British traditions of a jolly holiday, making sand castles, eating ice cream and swimming in the sea. 




Spot The Dog has enabled us to create a topic that students of all abilities can benefit greatly from. They will not only develop their academic skills in all subjects but will develop their emotional intelligence and engage actively to develop their own morals and self-confidence. Children will be assessed throughout each lesson on their knowledge, understanding and pronunciation. We will further knowledge that had been taught in previous topics by reinforcing these in future lessons. This will be made accessible to new students as all children are pushed to achieve highly in our lessons. We continue to grow and develop our teaching by working closely with your child and listening to their needs.


Please let us support your child as they take one big jump towards being part of true British culture and securing their English language for their future lives and careers. Children learn best with they feel happy and confident and our main goal is to create a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Lesson 1


Students will be introduced to the character Spot, a little yellow puppy. We will read Spots first book called ‘Where is Spot?’. Students will be introduced to the teachers of the topic and they will be taught that Spot is a dog. 

Lesson 2


Students will watch ‘Where is Spot?’ and then we will discuss the story and see if we can find spot in our school. 

Lesson 3


We will find spot sleeping. What is he doing? He is sleeping. We will look at where dogs sleep and where we sleep.

Lesson 4


We will watch sweet dreams spot episode. Spot is in the office trying to find somewhere to sleep, can we find his bed?

Lesson 1

通过本课的学习孩子们会知道在英语中小猫咪叫做kitten,小狗叫做puppy,并且学会区分dogs, puppy,cat和kitten的用法。

We will be exploring what a young dog and cat are called. Puppy and kitten. Students will be able to identify dogs, puppy, cat and kitten by the end of the lesson. 

Lesson 2


We will watch the Teletubbies episode about puppies and spot goes to meet a kitten.

Lesson 3


Expanding on the knowledge from the previous lessons we will discuss the changes that happen to humans now that are similar to cats and dogs. Babies become adults. 

Lesson 4


We will start the lessons by remembering what we learnt yesterday and singing some songs about a baby. We will watch some educational videos about being a baby and being an adult. 

Lesson 1

学生将会观看《小玻在洗澡》这个故事的片段。他们会学习“bath”和“wash”这两个新的词汇。本课的知识点和以前所学的单词water, clean, dirty是有关联的。

Students will watch ‘Spots bath’. They will learn the new keys words bath and wash. This will relate to previous teaching of the words water, clean and dirty.

Lesson 2

在第二课中我们会教授孩子舞蹈“Splish Splash”。Abi老师和Anna老师会带领学生一起通过跳舞的方式模仿洗澡的动作。

In lesson two we will teach the students our new ‘Splish Splash’ dance where they will pretend to be in a bath. Teachers Abi and Anna will lead.

Lesson 3


Students will watch ‘Spot goes to the fair’. We will look at lots of different fairgrounds and student will be able to make comparisons about their knowledge of the circus from pervious topics.

Lesson 4


In lesson 4 Students will learn the rollercoaster dance which will be taught by Anna to Abi and the students. During this lesson they will be continually asked to use the new key words in the correct context. 

Lesson 1


In this lesson students will go to the shops with Spot and buy some food. Spot goes to the shops, but he has forgotten his money. They will learn that we need money to buy things and how we do this in Britain. 

Lesson 2


In this lesson we will watch as Spot goes to the shops. What does he buy? (We will recap on previously taught keywords and reinforce them.) 

Lesson 3

学生们将了解我们在英国使用的两种实物货币, 即纸币和硬币。本课的故事讲述的是小玻再次来到商店,这次他记得带上钱了。

Students will learn about the two types of physical money that we use in Britain, notes and coins. Spot goes back to the shops today and he has remembered to bring his money. 

Lesson 4


Teacher Abi and Spot go on a coin hunt. How many different coins can they find?

Lesson 1


Students will learn about the typical British tradition of going for a picnic in the park. We use some of the food at our picnic to make an edible spot. 

Lesson 2


Students will go to the park. We need to make Spot using what we can find outside. We being to explore the colours that we can see. We will collect materials from the park, i.e. twigs, grass, leaves etc. 

Lesson 3

首先我们会一起回顾一下我们昨天在公园里制作小玻的方式, 以及不同的颜色。然后学生们将一起探索每种颜色的不同色调, 判断他们是属于浅色系还是深色系。

We will recap how we made Spot in the park yesterday and look at the different colours. Then students will explore the different shades of each colour, light and dark. 

Lesson 4


Lesson 4 will allow students to use their new knowledge of light and dark colours whilst we pop balloons and ask them to tell us what colour and shade they can see. 

Lesson 1

在第一课中, 学生们将了解和消防员相关的知识。我们将重述前面的关键词 "water" 和 "fire"。

In lesson 1 students will learn about people who help us in the occasion of a fire. We will recap previous key words ‘water’ and ‘flame’.

Lesson 2

这节课我们将看到小玻去消防局, 了解消防员萨姆是如何帮助社区里的人解决其他问题的。

This lesson we will see Spot go to the fire station and see how Fireman Sam helps people in the community with other problem. 

Lesson 3

在第三课中, 学生们将学习消防车和消防站的知识。我们将用这一课来回顾我们学到的其他的一些交通方式(火车、汽车等)。

In Lesson 3 students will learn about a fire engine and fire station. We will use this lesson to recap some of the other modes of transport we have learnt. (train, car, etc)

Lesson 4

在本课中, 学生们将学唱消防员之歌,并且去参观一个消防站, 在那里他们将学习一些关于消防车设备的新词, 以及灭火的设备。

In this lesson students will sing the fireman song and go to visit a fire station where they will learn some new words about a fire engines equipment and what they will need to put fire out. 

Lesson 1

在本课中, 小玻去度假。我们会跟随小玻一起乘坐飞机去度假,学生们会了解一些需要乘坐飞机出行的旅行活动。

In this lesson Spot goes on holiday. We will go with Spot as he boards a plane and goes on holiday. Students will learn about different holidays and that you often go on a plane.

Lesson 2


Students will be shown different ways on going on holiday other than plane. They will recap keywords train, and car.

Lesson 3

在本课中, 我们首先会重温前几课所学的内容,然后我们会学习飞机飞行的模式,在这里我们会学到一对反义词。

In this lesson we revisit travelling on a plane. We look at how they fly up and down and teach these opposites.

Lesson 4


Students will learn about another mode of transport, boat.  They will sing the plane and boat song and watch as Peppa pig goes on holiday.

Lesson 1

在科学课上,这时我们正在度假过程中。我们来到了海滩,对大多数英国人来说, 海滩游玩是假期的重要组成部分。学生们将学习是什么造就了海滩、大海和沙子。

In Science our plane has landed, and we are on holiday. We are off to the beach. Visiting the beach is an important part of a holiday for most Britain’s. Students will learn what makes a beach, the sea and sand. 

Lesson 2

Abi老师会带领学员一起评估制作沙滩城堡究竟是用干燥的沙子好还是用潮湿的沙子比较好。我们将学习一些新的关键词, 比如ball和ice-cream。

Students will make estimations and help teacher Abi as she figures out if wet or dry sand is best for making a sandcastle. We will learn some new keywords, ball and ice-cream. 

Lesson 3

在第三课, 我们将去美丽的大海游泳。学生们会看到水下的东西,我们将发现一些海底生物:鱼、螃蟹和海星。

We will go for a swim in the beautiful sea in lesson 3. Students will catch a glimpse of what is below the water. We will discover fish, crabs and starfish.

Lesson 4


Our final lesson will see us exploring more under the sea and we will see what we can find. Students will see how to create their own miniature sea in a bottle and grown their own coral.










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