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  • History


    The topic will start with the subject History and will continue to be the first subject studied in this topic every week because Roald Dahl’s life is so interesting, and his life story also crosses over with some key moments in modern History on the British national curriculum.

  • Geography


    Roald Dahl’s life lends itself perfectly to studying Geography, because his life is neatly broken up into five distinct parts – where he was living in a different country for each part. In geography we will study the five countries that each played a key role in Roald Dahl’s life.

  • English


    We obviously will have to study some of Roald Dahl’s wonderful stories in English. The only problem is deciding which ones to study, because of so many classics! We will study Roald Dahl’s most popular stories. Reading and enjoying stories is a crucial part of the national curriculum and it will be no different with my teaching approach in Ukid. Children can learn so much through English stories and they will also be inspired by the mind from where they came from; the creative genius of Roald Dahl.

  • Science


    Roald Dahl had many things in life, and he was even an inventor! The final subject each week is Science. To be honest, we could study Science all year through links to Roald Dahl books, but I have chosen to focus on Science lessons stemming from only one of Roald Dahl’s books, ‘James and the Giant Peach’.

Year group:Year 7
Topic number and name:Topic 1 Roald Dahl
Name of teacher:Glenn

Roald Dahl theme courseware

Why do I choose this topic?
The unit I have chosen to start year 7 with is ‘Roald Dahl’. Roald Dahl is a famous British children's author who wrote the kids' classics Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach, among other famous works. Roald Dahl is a national treasure in England and a hugely important creator of stories for children. Although Roald Dahl died nearly thirty years ago, he continues to inspire children all over the world today with his wonderful books.
How do I design a subject in this topic?
The Roald Dahl topic is structured in four parts that mirror his amazing life story and his children’s books perfectly. Roald Dahl’s life is so interesting he had to write two autobiographies – both became best-sellers!
Why is this topic worth learning for children?
I honestly believe that Roald Dahl is a topic that should be studied in any curriculum across the world. His stories are brilliant and have such great messages. Children learn to use their imagination and create their own stories each time they read a Roald Dahl book. They learn how important it is to dream big, be kind and never give up. Roald Dahl represents everything that is great about British literature for children and the wonderful values that go with it.
How do I embody PSHE and SMSC in this topic?
No matter what Roald Dahl book you study, you will be covering an area of PHSE. There are wonderful morals in each of the twenty books he wrote for children. In the English and History lessons, in particular, the Chinese students will encounter the following lessons in life:Never give up. Dream big. Use your imagination. Treat others as you would like to be treated. The importance of family and home life. Be kind to animals and the natural world around us. The importance of studying and reading. Happiness is found in always wanting to learn, even for adults. 另外,学生们会慢慢知道,罗尔德达尔的书中有很多美好的英国价值观。比如说,在困境中做出正确的决定就是一个重要的价值判断。你会发现,在罗尔德达尔的故事中,总有一位英雄具有值得学习的强大的道德指南。学生们将会从罗尔德达尔的世界里认识到真正的英国的代表。 他们将通过历史镜头学习他的生活,让他们对第二次世界大战中战斗的人的生活有个极好的了解,并在战后继续过上极其成功和创造性的生活。对于任何学生来说,这个简单的想法有很大的希望和启发:罗尔德达尔在一场战争中战斗,差点死亡并看到了可怕的事情,但他仍然在之后生活中获得比他想象中更多的成就。 是的,也许9周的课程不足以让学生全方位的了解这么一位迷人的人物和他脍炙人口的作品,但是,我相信,这至少为孩子打开一扇窗,让他们了解到,在西方世界有这样一位儿童作家,他有那么多有趣的书值得一读。也许,有一天,孩子会因为我的介绍自己走进罗尔德达尔的世界。