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Authorized Language learning content

The contents of language learning are closely related to the English language syllabus and the English language syllabus of the British Council


English language syllabus

英国文化协会英语语言大纲 英国文化协会英语语言大纲

English language syllabus of the British Council

Systematization of the Curriculum System

The contents of the course follow the British primary and secondary school curriculum,

from the UK preparatory, primary school to the UK GCSE stage a total of 12 years of

curriculum of long-term systematic learning for children aged from 4 to 15 .

If a Chinese child completes all the courses which are equal to a complete

system of primary and secondary education in Britain, one will have a unique

advantage to study abroad at young age, link up with British secondary education

and pass the British private secondary school exam.

  • 4
  • 7
  • 11
  • 14
  • English\ Maths\ Geography\ Art

    Performing arts\ Science\ PSHE

  • English\ Maths\ History\ Geography\ Art

    Performing arts\ Science\ PSHE

  • English\ History\ Geography\ Art

    Performing arts\ Science\ PSHE

  • English\ History\ Geography

    Art\ Science\ PSHE

  • Reception

    Year1 Year2

  • Year3 Year4

    Year5 Year6

  • Year7 Year8


  • Year10 Year11

  • Stage1

  • Stage2

  • Stage3

  • Stage4

British elementary and secondary educational system

  • Pre-primary education

  • Primary Education

  • Primary Education、

    Pre-Secondary Education

  • Secondary education

  • Language mastering ability got developed,manual dexterity and stage performance got trained ,we try to broaden children’s vision with classical English stories and nursery rhymes, build basic British logical thinking, and communicate with others by three or more sentences . Children can use proper words to express themselves accurately.

  • We use the themes of the eight major subjects to train our children to think, to build a diverse view of world, to learn to express themselves and communicate with others in a variety of sentence patterns using a complex vocabulary, to master the primary writing methods and reading skills. We try to cultivate the spirit of initiative thinking and exploration.

  • We try to stimulate their critical thinking, the advanced level of reading ability, they are able to independently analyze problems and show opinions, appreciate works such as art and literature, reach the level of fluent communication.

  • We inspire children to form a complete view of the world, at the same time stimulate them to use dialectical thinking to analyze and think, to be able to speak and debate independently, and to have the ability to use vocabulary and grammar required to participate in the international language exams.

  • 1000-1500

  • 2000-3000

  • 2000-2500

  • 1000-1500

The Integrity of discipline system

Unlike a mere language school, UKidSchool teaches eight subjects in

English including the English language, history, geography, PSHE, science,

mathematics, painting and performing arts. We guide the students to

learn English as they learn their native language. In addition to the daily

communication , it is more important to guide the students to use

English to acquire the knowledge in different fields, to learn to use

English thinking and to learn the cross-disciplinary thinking and creation.

In Ukidschol, we have a clear learning objective and a well-organized

learning content in every subject. Through the framework of the

curriculum, we can train a multi-talented person in our student, let the

children have the ability of cross-border learning and cross-border

cooperation in the future.








Performing art

The integrity of the teaching content

The teaching content of UkidSchool consists of 60 independent topics,

which are closely related to social and cultural life. Topics include literary

works, English plays, songs, picture books, short plays, English teaching

videos and other rich teaching resources. Each subject is classified

according to the content of the topic, and each subject is divided into

separate sessions. The teacher starts from each class , leads the student

to feel the values of the humanity,open a treasure of knowledge and

enter the galleries of art.

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The practicability of the curriculum

The subject of the whole curriculum involves all aspects of British social

life. It not only popularizes the common sense of British life and learning

life, but also learns to use communicative English in practical situations.

When the students complete the whole course, whether they study

abroad, or work in China, they will be able to cope with the foreign life

more calmly, quickly adapt themselves to the environment, and minimize

language and cultural barriers.