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UKidSchool is a British international school established in UK. It has many years of experience in serving international students from all over the world, and has been committed to the development and popularization of international courses . It has successfully helped thousands of international students to get into the British education more effectively in the UK. With the mobile technology including the overseas live broadcasting applied nowadays, UKidSchool works on promoting international education in China, so that more children will get the acccess to the authentic British international education without worring about the high tuition fees of going abroad. At the same time, UKidSchool actively promotes cooperation with Chinese educational institutions and sets up top tier branches in the core cities of China as a practice centres for British teachers. In addition, UKidSchool works extensively with English schools in various regions of China to help schools accomplish the online upgrading and modifying their traditional campuses with the mission of "popularizing international education with science and technology".

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Address from Helen

Hello, I am Helen, the headteacher of UKidSchool.  As a principal of the British  school , and also the principal of a language School in China,I have been in contact with many students from all over the world for many years.During the past few years, I became well aware of the difficulties the overseas students  encounter in studying in a new country,such as language barrier, cultural conflicts, and psychological gaps caused by the lack of intercultural communication and communicational skills. Moreover, these problems prevent a student from learning more effectively by using the diverse educational resources available to students in the UK's advanced education system. In my opinion, this is a very regretful thing, so throughout my career, I've been thinking about how I could help international students more, how I could get them adapted to international education earlier so that their overseas study life would become a real lifetime benefit.


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